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Hospital Santa Catarina of Blumenau, you feel well here.

  • Histórico


    Hospital Santa Catarina of Blumenau (HSC Blumenau) was born of a challenge. In 1915, Pastor Walter Mummelthey proposed to the Lutheran Synod Assembly of the States of Santa Catarina and of Paraná to build an evangelical hospital in Blumenau. After accepting the challenge, the Evangelical Community donated some land, and a committee took the responsibility to raise funds and oversee the construction, which started in February 1916, in the middle of World War I. In spite of the difficulties, HSC was inaugurated on June 27, 1920. It was a 50-bed hospital with two wards, one for men, and one for women. The nursing staff comprised six deaconesses, called "Schwester", who were headed by Sister Gertrud Vogt. All of them had been trained at the Deaconess Motherhouse in Kaiserswerth, Germany. Medical care was entrusted to Dr. Christian Jhonsen.


    Evolução In 1934, an isolation ward with 22 beds was added to the hospital, together with the necessary infrastructure to serve patients with typhoid fever. In 1937, HSC Blumenau was once more enlarged by building a huge three-story wing. So far, this has been the main building of the hospital. As years went by, other improvements and enlargements were made such as doctors' offices, a reception, some more inpatient units, and the Adult Intensive Care Unit.
    At the end of the 80s, Hospital Santa Catarina of Blumenau faced its worst financial crisis, which led the board of directors to decide not to accept patients insured by "SUS" (Brazil's publicly funded health care system) in 1987. At that time, there was a national movement so that all hospitals would not accept "SUS" patients anymore. Quite a few did so, though. The hospital did not get any government financial support, and if the board had not taken that decision, it would certainly be facing difficulties nowadays. Thus it was necessary to make profound changes. To start off, the hospital needed a new management style, with strict standards and a business vision that enabled large and continuous investments in physical enlargements, state-of-the-art technology implementation, training, and appreciation for employees. Then HSC made a diagnosis and prognosis, and a Master Plan was developed and implemented in 1991. This plan forecasted projects (in a modular and flexible way), according to the economic and political context. In the same year, HSC elected a new board of directors that provided more momentum to the hospital activities, by using specific management strategies.
    Evolução HSC Blumenau is a general hospital, and because of this, management sometimes needs courage and daring to implement changes. Then, following the guidelines of the Master Plan to make services more efficient, HSC built a 12-story building called "Centro Clínico Santa Catarina" (across from HSC Blumenau) with space for 100 doctors' offices. It was opened in March 1998.

    In 2000, HSC changed its logo in order to start a new phase, which is characterized by great investments in enlargements, administrative and technological innovations. Nowadays it can be equally compared to the most advanced hospitals in the country, because of the implementation of important alternatives in the service delivery of different medical specialties through partnerships and outsourcing.

  • Atual


    Humanization and technology combined with infrastructure and highly qualified professionals in all areas are essential items at HSC Blumenau. And it is because of it that periodic investments are made in order to offer the best to our customers, so that they feel well during each step of the treatment process. For Hospital Santa Catarina of Blumenau, providing a differential service is also a way of giving attention to feelings of those who need special care.

    Atual HSC Blumenau is more than a hospital. It is a health complex. In the same physical structure, all services that make up a comprehensive health care are available to patients and their families, such as pastoral care, pharmacy, nutrition, nursing, psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and dentistry as well as access to the Surgical Center, Urgent Care Center, Adult Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Diagnostic Imaging Center (Bluimagem), Oncology Center (ONCO HSC) among many other health care services whenever they need. This means that patients have a complete medical and hospital care that meets their needs in a practical, fast and safer way.



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